R5 Preferences

How They Ask You To Be Their Girl Friends 

Riker: He takes you out for a meal at your favorite restaurant and pays for it at the end of the day, but never tells you why he’s doing it all, then when he drives you home he takes your hands and looks you in the eyes, making you feel what he’s feeling inside, you gasp and he smiles. “will you be my girlfriend?” you stare at him in shock and just nod your head, he smiles wider and hugs you, you hug back reality kicking in and smile just as wide as he is. 

Rocky : he calls you and asks if you can come over straight away, feeling worried you rush over there and he pulls you out to a tree house you made with him when you was younger, you both sit in it and he grabs his guitar, singing the sweetest song ever, “that was beautiful Rocky!” you say holding back tears, “not as beautiful as you (Y/N)” you smile as he leans in and kisses you softly “be mine?” he whispers against your lips “Always” you whisper back and kiss him again.

Ross: You and Ross were messing around in the Pool, lying on inflatable beds and then knocking each other off but enjoying every single moment of it, when ever your with Ross is the happiest you feel. He grabs your feet and pulls you under, your re surfaced and shrieked “what was that for?” you shout smiling “because i had to get your attention” he said smirking, you look at him curiously “iv’e been wanting to do this for ages and i’m kinda scared” he said swinging his hands under water “just say it Ross, i promise i wont be mad” you said as you moved a little closer ” okay, well i think your so beautiful and your the only pretty face i ever see when i’m around others too, and baby i really want you to be mine” he said his face going blood red, thinking he messed it up “wow, well your not good at this at all” you say smiling “well gee thanks a lot” he said pushing you slightly, you laugh and hug him “i’d love to be yours” you say against his wet hair 

Ryland: he has been acting strange for a while now, and you dont know whats wrong, you’ve asked Rydel but she just giggles and walks away, and when you ask the boys they just shrug their shoulders, so when you got the phone call to go and hang with Ryland you was over joyed, you got to his house in no time at all, and he led you straight to the practice room, the band was set up and Ryland sat you on a chair and ran off, you watched as they played a song that you’ve never heard before, and it was so amazing, then when it ended Ryland held up a sign saying ‘Be My Girlfriend?<3’ .. you smiled wide and ran to him, he grabbed you into his arms and spoke into your hair “i’ll take that as a yes” he said “you can take it as a hell yes” everyone clapped and joined the hug 

Ratliff: you was sat at the dining table with Ratliff, you decided to make him read ‘The perks of being a wall flower’ with you, and this is where you was reading it, while you was reading you felt something hit your hand, you looked and saw a piece of paper, Ratliff looked into his book and acted like he was concentrating, even though you knew he wasnt, you opened the note and it had a question saying ‘Do you like me, tick yes or no’ .. you laughed at him acting like he was in kindergarden and ticked yes, passing it back, you looked up and saw him smile and scribbled on the paper passing it back, you looked at it again and it said ‘Hey, i really like you, and this might be crazy, but you like me two, so date me maybe?’ you burst out laughing and looked at Ratliff who had pulled out a rose from under the table, you smiled and hugged him “of course i’ll be your girlfriend” you said, you took the rose and he hugged you, dipping you like your was dancing while you laughed the whole time.